Spring Shots for Equines

It is that time of year again where horses "need" their spring shots. Although here in MI the weather is still like winter. Every year vets recommend a list of vaccines to protect your horse from different diseases and infections. Only you know what is best for your horse but here are some things to consider.

  1. Rabies is not given to dogs every year so why would a horse need it every year. It has been said that the vaccine is active in the body for 3 years.
  2. Horses that are going to shows or other barns are recommended to get the vaccines for contagious diseases...which is a good idea. Horses are curious and friendly and do not know to stay away from another sick horse.
  3. Ask your vet if there have been any outbreaks in your area of equine related diseases and use that to help decide which vaccines to give.
  4. Ask if your horse is going to another barn if there have been any outbreaks there.
  5. If you have your horses at your home and they do not leave then it is up to you as to what you are comfortable giving or not giving for vaccines.

Hopefully this will help you decide in which vaccines are necessary. I believe that animals can be over vaccinated if we do not ask questions and that leads to a weaker immune system and possible more problems down the road. Also some horses have severe reactions to some vaccines and so it may not be worth it to give it to them.

Knowledge is Power~