Essential Oils for Dogs for Anxiety

It is spring and that means more showers and thunderstorms. Rain is a good thing because it helps bring out all the flowers. However our fur children may not like the thunder that accompanies the storms. There are many products on the market that claim to help with anxiety in dogs during a storm. The jacket seems to work for some dogs that need to have a sense of being held close and it provides security for them. If that works for your dog...great!

Essential oils(EO) have multiple uses and I love them and have some on hand at all times. You will find many uses for them. Soon I will post a recipe for a salve.

Lavender and German Chamomile are great EO to use for anxiety or fear as they help relieve stress and calm emotions. Another is Valerian but you only need a little bit of this oil as it can like a sedative in higher doses.

There are a few ways to "apply". You can use a diffuser which will release the oils into the air and will be inhaled by your dog and yourself, which will benefit you both. Another is to apply to the dog by mixing with a carrier oil then putting a few drops in your hand and petting the dog. If you know how to do massage moves you can add the oil to aloe vera base and massage in.

You may be thinking "What oil should I use?" and the best way to find out is to offer the oil first to the dog or animal to inhale the smell from the cap of the bottle (a few inches away from the nose...remember dogs noses are much stronger than ours). If the dog needs that oil he will reach out for it, lick his lips, or any positive action towards it. If he turns his head and walks away then he does not need nor want that oil. You can try another if he responds this way.

Use only high grade oils that do not have any additives and if possible alcohol free. Relax with your pets and enjoy the "April Showers"!