Happy Birthday Rebel!

Today is my first true love, Rebel's birthday. He is now in heaven with his big brother Jack Frost. I know that they are galloping and having a great time. Miss him everyday and cannot repay him for all the happy memories he gave me.

In honor of him here are his favorite treats: (horse safe treats)

Banana...I broke it up in pieces and he loved it.

The tried and true carrots and apples (organic) cut into slices

Pears sliced

Watermelon (great to feed in the summer to help rehydrate)

Not all fruits and veggies are safe for horses to eat. So if you are not sure do NOT feed it. Do not feed broccoli or cauliflower as they give us gas and will do the same to a horse and could lead to gas colic. Remember these are to be treats and fed in smaller amounts.

Share your banana with your horse the next time you are at the barn.