Hope For Horses

Hope for Horses is located in Western North Carolina and their mission is to

To find secure, permanent homes for horses of any type, including the elderly and lame as well as those who are strong and sound through the adoption process
To provide quality of life and the best care to neglected and abused horses during rehabilitation time until adoption
To continue to build strong relationships with WNC County Animal Control groups and build trust in surrounding communities
To educate the public about the importance of responsible horse ownership and to increase public awareness about the amount of neglect and abuse of horses in WNC

They have many horses that are available for adoption and many to sponsor. If you would love to help a horse in need please consider sponsoring a horse or donating to Hope for Horses. They also offer many services to help improve the life of animals.

This group does A LOT to help horses and continues to make a difference in every horse they come in contact with. Please visit their site and get inspired to do something for animals! http://www.hopeforhorses.org/

This was originally posted on He is a Rebel blog but this rescue does amazing things so I re-posted here. I have personally worked with them while volunteering with BRAS for Horses and USERL.