Raspberry Leaves for Mares and Female Dogs

Raspberries are a delicious and refreshing fruit. The leaves of the raspberry are beneficial to mares and females(dogs and humans). It has been used for centuries to help with strengthening, cleansing, and toning the uterus, which makes it a great herb to feed or take before pregnancy and in the last few weeks. It helps ease the birthing process and clean out the afterbirth. *Always consult with your vet before adding to feed as each animal is unique.

Raspberry leaves are very nutritional with vitamin C, magnesium, and as a mild astringent that will help with minor diarrhea and digestive tract inflammation. The leaves can be fed to help with cramping during their cycle as well. You probably have heard about raspberry leaves if you own a "moody mare" when she cycles. Animals love the taste of them so the dried leaves can be added on top of their food. As with all herbs you should not feed daily but do either 5 days on 2 days off or 3 weeks on 1 week off, etc. The body needs a rest from the stimulation of the organ or muscle the herb effects.

Finally the leaves can be used to stop bleeding in the mouth by crushing up dried leaves and applying to inside of mouth. Use the leaves to make a tea that works well for treating sore eyes. Give raspberry leaves a try and tell me about it here.

Till next time...happy trails and tails.