A Cure for Cancer…

Did you know that there is a cure for cancer??? I recently watched a webinar put on by Dogs Naturally Magazine about cancer and dogs and was happy to hear that what the holistic vet said matched up to all my research and studying. The cure to cancer is (drum roll)...Health!

This is true for all living things. Cancer is one of the most dreaded words. It is sad how high the numbers are on young animals who develop this disease. There are things that you can do for your fur child and yourself to prevent cancer. Unfortunately there are some cases where the cancer is because of genetics and not because of poor health. Cancer is an attack on the immune system and to fight against it the immune system needs to be healthy and strong. A healthy immune system can fight off disease and protect the body. The suggestions below are simple steps you can take to help your dog, horse, cat, and yourself live a long and healthy life.

Start by evaluating the diet. Food is medicine and it is so important to feed high quality food not fillers. Take a look at the nutrition label and read it. The first ingredients listed are the largest portion of the food and should be real meat for dogs and cats not by-products or corn. You get what you pay for so it is in the best interest of your fur child to go with a raw diet or a high quality natural food with real meat, fruits, and veggies. All fruits and veggies add nutrients to the body along with vitamins. All this applies to what you eat as well. The more fresh not processed food you eat the better. Fruits and veggies provide the most nutrients when they are consumed raw. You will not believe the differences you will see in the animal's fur and how shiny and healthy it looks, how much more energy they have, and how healthy they are when you feed them the right high quality food.

Next is the exercise schedule. It is very important to overall health to exercise and helps our joints and muscle stay supple as we age. The great thing is you can get exercise with your fur child so you all stay fit. Simply walking daily will help with joints and to maintain proper weight in your fur child. The key is to find what the animal loves to do for exercise and do that. The weather can play a role in when we can exercise our fur children but early morning and evening are best as the temperature is lowest. Also who doesn't like to play so have some fun and get creative with games. It is a great release for the mind and reduces stress. Share what your favorite game is to play here is the comment section!

Last are supplements. The best way to figure out what to feed is to have a nutrition test done or a hair analysis to see what areas are low or high and need supplements. All fur children need to have prebiotics, probiotics, omega 3 and 6, and core vitamins and minerals. Also the help of a equine or canine nutritionist can help with diet and supplementation. I love seeing how adding herbs and supplements to the diet make a huge difference in the health of an animal. Nature is so amazing and powerful. Please consult with a nutritionist, herbalist, or holistic vet before adding to your fur child's food. Even though it is from nature that does NOT mean that it cannot cause harm.


Share this with others and hopefully together we can lower the amount of animals with cancer.


*please consult your holistic vet or doctor with questions if your four-legged child or yourself have this disease.