Arabian Rescue Mission

There are many sad cases of animal neglect all over the country. This week there was a case of a herd of 28 Arabian horses in Michigan that were skinny, needed worming, hoof trimming, and dental work. An auction is taking place today for the whole herd and with the help of many selfless and horse loving people all the horses will go to loving homes. If you would like to see the images of these beautiful horses check out ARM Facebook page.  There are many people who are there bidding for personal horses but the Arabian Rescue Mission (ARM) is there as well to rescue any that are not bid on. This is an amazing organization as they came from New Jersey to help this herd by raising funds and finding foster families. Right now they are at the auction ready to bid on any horse that needs saving. In a world that is full of abuse, neglect, and sad stories it is so refreshing to see a group of people band together and do whatever is necessary to save and improve the lives of horses.

I rescued my boy Jack Frost and it was the best thing I have ever done. To rehabilitate and rebuild trust is a long process with an amazing payoff. To see the light return to the eyes of an abused and neglected animal is worth all the time and energy. The bond and love we formed was like no other.

Thank you all for helping this herd!

The Arabian Rescue Mission's goals are (taken from their website):

Here, at the Arabian Rescue our mission is twofold:

To rescue, rehabilitate and place horses,specifically Arabians, who have been neglected, abused or are unwanted, or where life situations change drastically, in permanent, loving, responsible forever homes.

To educate people in the care, nutrition and responsibility of horse ownership and the commitment that relationship requires.


Take a look at their website for ways that you can help or if you or someone you know if looking for a horse. Look at the amazing horses for adoption and all the hard work this organization is doing.