Benefits of Honey

Another reason to love bees! Just a spoonful of...honey can benefit our companions in many ways. The sweet taste is amazing without all the sugar which makes it easy to feed because horses love sweet tasting things and so do dogs. The best kind of honey to feed is either local raw honey or better yet Manuka honey. Do not purchase store brands as many of them have added other things to the honey. Organic is always the way to go with anything you feed.

Manuka Honey is graded on a scale 0-30 based on its antimicrobial actions and will be listed on the jar. If you want to get the most antimicrobial benefits then purchase UMF 15+ or higher. The lower ratings are good for overall health and prevention. There are multiple minerals and vitamins in Manuka honey so it is beneficial to feed our horses, dogs, and ourselves. Just a few of the vital minerals like iron,calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc are in all grades of Manuka honey.

Manuka honey mixed with Coconut oil is great for a cough in dogs. Just mix the two together at a ration of 50:50 and feed or add to their food. Most will lick it right off the spoon. Start off with a small amount and only feed a total of 1 tablespoon at the most to large dogs. There are anti-bacterial properties in both the honey and coconut oil so it will help fight any bacteria as well as coat the throat that may be irritated from the cough.

Honey can be used for digestion, ulcers, and wounds. Manuka honey is great for any dis-ease that effects the digestive system and/or ulcers. The antimicrobial properties helps fight the bacteria and has a soothing effect on the sensitive linings of the digestive tract. When honey is applied to wounds or burns it helps soothe and heal faster. Once again the antimicrobial properties disinfect the wound and the other properties help the body heal faster. Honey is an amazing immune booster so be sure to share this sweet treat with your dog and horse!

Honey is an amazing gift from the bees so buy a jar of Manuka honey today. I would love to hear how you use honey. Please comment below! Share with a friend.

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