Peppermint Essential Oil for Horses

Horses LOVE peppermint! If you are looking for a festive treat to give your horse try peppermint. They will love it and it has many benefits as well. Peppermint essential oil should be in your barn first aid kit. It has many more important benefits aside from its great and refreshing taste.

Peppermint oil is a natural remedy to soothe upset stomach or also known as colic in horses. It can also be used for heartburn, diarrhea, relief for sore muscles, and indigestion. You can offer it to your horse in three different ways. The first is to put some on a clean towel and let them inhale it. A horse will seek out the plant they need if there were in the wild so let your horse tell you how much they want/need. Simply put the towel with the oil on it in your hand and offer it to your horse. Allow them to inhale as long as they want. The second is to put the oil directly in their mouth. As for the amount please consult a holistic vet.  A third way is to dilute the oil in a carrier oil and then apply to the skin and rub it into a sore muscle. Always offer any oil you are going to apply to your horse first. She will tell you if she likes the oil or not. If she does not then look for an alternative oil that has similar benefits.

A little bonus for you is that peppermint is great to relieve headaches. Simply apply a few drops in your hands and then rub on your temples. If you have sensitive skin test a small area first. If your skin starts to burn then wash the oil off and dilute in a carrier oil before applying. Peppermint oil is essential for all. Be sure to purchase high quality oil for the best results.

Please get an essential oil guide for horses and consult a professional before using oils. Oils are natural but most need to be diluted before used because in their 100% form they are too strong. Always consult a holistic vet before feeding any essential oil.

Knowledge is Power!