New Year Resolutions

Now is the time of year we all look back and see what goals or resolutions we have accomplished...and the ones that we did not get to. I personally love to write new year resolutions because it is a fresh start and I can do it all in a year...well at least that is the goal. Here are a few of my resolutions as they pertain to my fur children. Write down your resolutions and keep them in a place where you can see them and think about adding goal dates for each. That way they seem more attainable and are easier to monitor. For me the more specific the goal the better. I use the motto "Shoot for the moon and land among the stars."

2017 Resolutions

1. Continue education (Knowledge is power)

2. Make homemade dog and horse treats (check back for my Pinterest recipe challenge)

3. Feed the most natural diet (Be the change you wish to see)

4. Make tinctures, teas, salves for common ailments (recipes will be posted here)

5. Supplement with herbs as needed

6. Exercise with my dog by taking long walks everyday

7. Brush my dog's teeth everyday

8. Exercise my horse 4-5 days a week

9. Educate others on nutrition and herbs for animals

10. Enjoy more time outdoors with my fur children

11. Volunteer

I would love to hear what your resolutions are and what you accomplished this year. Making lists and setting goals I find makes me get things done in a timely manner. Happy New Year to you all! I hope you will follow me into next year and on the natural path to wellness for our dogs and horses!