Neroli (citrus aurantium) Oil for Dogs

Recently we adopted a female dog (aka our daughter) from a local humane society. It was a match made in heaven...without sounding cliche. She is a papillon/border collie mix and her name is Annabel. The shelter thought she was just over a year old. We already had 2 male yorkies at home who "run" the house. They are sweethearts but also think they are kings of the block. When we decided to adopt we realized that we needed to find the right personality to fit in with our other two dogs. Long story short once we met Annabel and say what a sweet and laid back girl she was we adopted her. To make the introduction less stressful on Annabel and our two yorkies I used Neroli Essential Oil in a hydrosol and spritzed my home with it before bringing Annabel in.

Neroli is an amazing oil to use to relieve stress and help with separation anxiety. It is also helpful with big changes or an animal grieving the loss of a friend. There are a few ways to use it: you can add some of the oil to a diffuser that you have in your home, use a hydrosol like I did and spray the home, or put a few drops on a cloth and place out of reach in the area the dog is in. The citrus/floral scent is calming and is said to feel like a warm hug. The oil can be expensive but you only use a few drops each time so the bottle will last a long time. A less expensive oil with similar properties is sweet orange oil (citrus sinensis).

If you want to try and use Neroli for separation anxiety start by using the oil in a diffuser in the house a little bit before you leave and start with shorter increments in time of being gone. Work your way up to hours if possible. Be sure to use a cold steam diffuser that has an auto shut-off when the water runs out if you are going to leave it on while you are gone. Also be sure your dog is not going to play with it. I love using a diffuser with essential oils as it can cleanse and purify the air as well as relieve stress depending on the oils used.

Always buy oils from a reliable source that preferably uses steam to distill the oil to preserve it. Remember the saying that "you get what you pay for". This is true with essential oils. You do not need to buy the most expensive but if you notice that the oil is more expensive at multiple places than it is best to not go with the cheap option. I personally love to shop at Mountain Rose for my oils and they also have hydrosols. I have the Neroli one and love it. Keep an eye for specials they run so you can get a deal on high quality oils. Start to build an essential oil kit with Neroli.

Treat your dog and yourself to the relaxing scent of Neroli. Tell me how it worked for you!