“The Flirting Nicker”

Since today is Valentine’s Day I felt it would be fitting to talk about the “The Flirting Nicker” used by stallions. I had a rescued “stallion” and the reason for the quotations is because although he was gelded he was a stallion till the age of about 18 when he came into a rescue. My boy Jack still behaved like a stallion and I was very familiar with this nicker when a mare let him get close to her.

For anyone who has not been around a stallion I will explain what this horse sound means. For humans it would be the same as saying “Hey good lookin” or anything that referred to a pick-up line. This low and long sound is accompanied by the head being thrown up and down, like an 80’s rocker, with the mane flowing. Just like with human voices horses have different tones and sounds.

Below is a picture of my boy (on the right) and a mare interacting and he is about to let out the “flirting nicker”. Do you notice how their heads together form a heart in between them? As you can see horses are not all that different from humans as far as interactions go. Take some time to sit back and watch animals interact…who knows what you will learn.

Happy Valentine's Day!