Meadowsweet is a great herb that has many uses for horses. The major use is for digestive problems like stomach ulcers. It soothes the stomach and works wonders for treating diarrhea. Meadowsweet is said to be one of the best digestive remedies available and is used often in holistic medicine. You can feed the dried herb to the horse or for a faster response you can take the dried herb and pour 1/2 pint of boiling water over it and let it cool. Then you can put everything over your horses feed to dampen it.

Why not give herbs a try for mild discomfort or nuisances. Naturally a horse would seek out the herbs that he or she would need. Now you can provide them. I have had great success with feeding herbs to my horses and the rescue horses. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Reminder to please use herbs and natural remedies carefully. If any condition worsens please consult a vet immediately.

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