What is your “Cat Mood”?

Try this fun quiz by Best Friends to see what your cat mood is and what type of cat is a perfect fit for you. I love this idea and how they are using it to match people and cats. It is important to consider personality when adopting an animal. Take the quiz and share with a friend. I am "Pouncy" which is so true 🙂 Here is my description from the quiz

"You’re feisty. You’re full of energy. And when you meet a cat who can’t resist swatting at a toy, you say, “That’s the cat for me!”

Inside every cat is a kitten who’s not sure yet whether he might have been born a lion. And sometimes you have the same uncertainty. Because kicking back is not your style. You’d rather grab life by your claws!"

I would love to hear what you are. Also post a picture of your cat with their mood.


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