Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

A fitting post since today is national "Take Your Dog to Work" day. Maybe if you show this to your employer they will allow you to bring your dog more often to work 🙂

There are a million benefits that dogs provide to us. If you are a business owner you may attract the perfect hire by adding a dog friendly office to the benefits. Here is a list of how they benefit us at work.

  1. They increase employee morale. Dogs help people relax and lift spirits. How can you resist smiling, petting, or kissing a dog? They are perfect and always happy to see you.
  2. Creates more team work. People are in a better mood and are open to talking to each other about dogs. There is less gossip and happier employees.
  3. Healthier Employees. People will take their dogs on a walk at lunch and go outside instead of staying at their desk. The fresh air will give everyone a clear head and come back refreshed.
  4. Flexible Schedule. People are more willing to extend their hours since their dog is with them and they can walk and feed at work.
  5. More Productive. Dogs relieve stress and bring us so much joy. We can focus and get more done when the fur ones we love are near.
  6. Help shelter animals by having a dog that is up for adoption at your office. What better way to spend your day than helping a dog in need.

There are things to consider before you bring your dog to work. Answer these questions first.

Does your dog get along well with other dogs and people?

Are they potty trained?

Do they know what inside voice is or do they like to bark "talk"?

Is your workplace a good fit for a dog? Will they have a place to lay?

Be sure to bring a bed,harness, leash, water, food, bowls, and toys to entertain your dog throughout the day. Enjoy the perk of having your dog at work and cherish all the extra time to get to spend together.