Eclipse Effect on Your Dog

The "Great American Eclipse" is going to occur today. It is an exciting event for humans to watch but not for your pets. This eclipse is when the moon passes over the sun and causes 2.5 minutes of darkness. The danger lies in the sun's powerful rays that can burn your retina and the retina of any animal that looks directly at the sun.

Dogs and most animals do not look directly at the sun so "Eclipse Blindness" is not a major concern. However I always like to play it safe so my dogs are going to be inside during the eclipse. If you are going to be outside with your dog watching the eclipse then you can put the same protective eyewear that you have on your dog.

The change from light to dark from the eclipse will effect other wild animals that live outdoors 24/7.  The change in light will cause wild animals to think it is night and they will start to behave as they would then. For example bats will awake and come out to hunt. Those pesky mosquitoes will come out for an "extra feeding" so be prepared if you are going to watch the eclipse.

Since the change is light is for a short period the wild animals will revert back to their normal rountines as soon as the eclipse is over. Enjoy this once in a lifetime event and wear your protective glasses!