Trail Riding Tips From Ichabod

Do not lose your head while trail riding this fall.

With Halloween right around the corner what better time to talk about your head and riding. *Cue spooky music

Here are 10 tips to remember when trail riding regarding your head.

  1. Always wear a helmet.
  2. Watch for low branches that might "take" your head off.
  3. Be on the watch for spider webs.
  4. Stay alert and watching so when deer jump out in front of you and take off running you are prepared if your horse follows suit.
  5. Remain calm if your horse gets startled.
  6. Bring a pocket knife to trim branches and vines.
  7. Watch and listen for falling trees or large branches.
  8. Trust your horse and if you get lost let your horse lead you home. They know where the food is at all times.
  9. Ride with a friend. Let them lead so they can clear the spiderwebs for you 😉
  10. Take a deep breath of fresh air and relax.

I would love to dress up as the Headless Horsewoman and ride through a neighborhood or in a field. Halloween is a holiday for all ages.

Remember not to feed your fur children any candy no matter how many tricks they do. Instead give them homemade or natural dog treats!