2018: Year Of The Dog!

Happy New Year!

I love January 1st because you feel refreshed and rejuvenated with a blank slate. Just like everyone else, I write my new year resolutions and get off to a great start...but then I fall off the wagon. Well, this year will be different...said everyone 😉

This year is going to be great since it is the year of the dog! Dogs are amazing animals and enhance our lives in so many ways. It is only fitting that we take this year to show them how much we care. A great way to start is by making sure they have as natural a lifestyle as possible.


When I think of a 'natural' lifestyle I think of a species-appropriate raw or freeze-dried diet with healthy snacks, a lot of exercise and playtime, and a soft bed to nap on. Dogs give so much and expect so little in return. This year you can give back by making healthy changes in their life which will help you make the same changes for yourself. A win-win!

Healthy snacks that my dogs love are bananas, apples, pumpkin, blueberries, and pretty much anything they see us eating. There are tons of dog treat recipes online or you can keep it simple and just feed the raw fruit or veggie. I like to mash up the fruit and put in ice trays to make pup-pops.

Find an activity that your dog loves and you love to do with him. Wether it is hiking, running, playing fetch in your backyard, or agility all provide excellent exercise and will stimulate the brain as well. Any of these exercises will stimulate and engage your dog so he will be well behaved and ready for a nap.

If you have a friendly dog that loves people you could mix it up and take him to a nursing home to brighten the day of others. People love dogs and there is nothing like petting or getting a wet kiss to make someone smile. Life is not complete without a dog!

I would love to hear what your new year resolutions are for your dogs. Post them in the comments. Writing them down and sharing will make us more likely to stick with them!

Here are my resolutions:

  1. Make time for playtime EVERYDAY!
  2. Help other dog owners change to a natural lifestyle for their dogs
  3. Make more homemade treats
  4. Spread awareness and help end the horrific dog meat trade in South Korea
  5. View life the way my dog does!

Nourish. Restore. Thrive.